TM Forum Digital Architecture Program

Vlocity Embraces TM Forum Open Digital Architecture Program

Aimed at giving service providers a common ‘blueprint’ to replace traditional Operational and Business Support Systems (OSS/BSS) architectures with software-defined operations… READ MORE

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10 Questions with David Schmaier

The Platform Chronicles: 10 Questions with David Schmaier, Vlocity Founder and CEO

Read into the most innovative partners that have developed applications on the Salesforce platform. We focus on David Schmaier and Vlocity’s dramatic growth that’s been fueled by building exclusively on the Salesforce platform… READ MORE

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Vlocity Featured in New Emergence Maturity Index

Vlocity Featured in New Emergence Maturity Index Highlighting Companies on the Verge

Vlocity has perhaps the most experienced industry leadership of any company when it comes to industry veterans who have skills, experience, and influencer chops, but understand the changes in the world and retool accordingly… READ MORE

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Dreamforce Winners for 2017

Vlocity Cited as a Dreamforce Winner for 2017

Salesforce was less about big product announcements and more about improving existing capabilities and increasing the ease of customer deployment, training and engagement through the democratisation of Salesforce… READ MORE

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Salesforce Fuels ISV Consultant Businesses

Salesforce Fuels ISV Consultant Businesses with Vlocity

Vlocity CEO and founder David Schmaier exemplifies the innovation ISVs bring to Salesforce. Five years ago, there weren’t vertical industry apps for Salesforce; now there are… READ MORE

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Accenture and Vlocity Expand Partnership

Accenture, Vlocity Expand Partnership for Cloud Packages on Salesforce

The most important involved an expanded strategic alliance with Vlocity, an industry cloud provider that features omnichannel and industry-specific cloud and mobile solutions on the Salesforce Customer Success Platform… READ MORE

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Salesforce Goes into Dreamforce Highlighting Vlocity

Salesforce Goes into Dreamforce Ready to Highlight Vlocity

Selling many more seats will require teaming up with partners like Vlocity and nCino to provide running systems for the financial industry that are based on the Salesforce platform. READ MORE

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Salesforce's IoT Strategy

Vlocity Extends Salesforce's IoT Strategy with Expertise in Critical Processes

Given the state of the early IoT market, it makes good sense to go with an app development strategy. Read More…

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Salesforce Gets Granular

Vlocity Helps Salesforce to Get Granular in the Financial Services Industry

Vlocity provides intelligent agent and omnichannel services for financial services and insurance. Read More…

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Vlocity Launches Vella

Vlocity Launches Virtual Insurance Agent “Vella”

Vella was created using Vlocity’s deep industry functionality and microservices architecture. Read More…

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Vlocity a Next-Gen Industry Disruptor

Forbes Names Vlocity As A Next-Gen Disruptor in Sales and Customer Management

This year, almost 70% of these high-growth companies are concentrated in just five industries: fintech, healthcare and biotech, “new space,” data and analytics, and logistics… READ MORE

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The Next Billion-Dollar Startups 2017

Forbes Names Vlocity to Top 25 Next Billion-Dollar Company List

Last year’s list included companies like crowdfunding site GoFundMe, online retailer Boxed and home seller OpenDoor. This year we asked venture firms which companies they thought most likely to hit the billion-dollar mark soon… READ MORE

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Vlocity And Its Role Helping Salesforces 20B Target

Vlocity and its Role in Helping Salesforce’s $20B Target

Anyone around the industry for awhile will remember a time before the cloud. It seems only yesterday that arguably the two players most involved in creating the “cloud” industry, Amazon Web Services and Salesforce, didn’t exist… READ MORE

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Telia Adds Vlocity to Speed its Digital Transformation

Telia Finland Adds Vlocity to Speed its Digital Transformation

Telia Finland taps Vlocity + Salesforce to speed up its digital transformation. Read More…

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Bluewolf Taps Einstein & Watson to Bring AI to Telecoms

Bluewolf Taps Einstein, Watson, Vlocity & Salesforce to Bring AI to Telecoms

Bluewolf has brought together IBM Watson APIs, Vlocity and Salesforce Einstein to help CSPs connect customer experience. Read more…

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'Augmented Intelligence' by Bluewolf with Vlocity+Salesforce

'Augmented Intelligence' by Bluewolf with Vlocity+Salesforce

According to Bluewolf — a Salesforce partner that focuses on enterprise mobility and cloud services that has worked with telcos including Vodafone Australia, T-Mobile, and TELUS Communications… READ MORE

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AI Meets Enterprise Collaboration

The Future of Artificial Intelligence and Enterprise Collaboration Systems According to Vlocity Chief Marketing and Alliance Officer, Rip Gerber

Now, organizations may finally be able to turn that promise into tangible results, thanks to recent advancements from major players like Microsoft, Salesforce and Oracle in folding AI into their enterprise collaboration tools… READ MORE

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Moving BSS to the Cloud

TM Forum Article: Moving BSS to the Cloud

The challenges of moving business support system (BSS) to the cloud is nicely summed up by a VP at one BSS supplier we interviewed for our latest research… READ MORE

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Industry-specific CRM Systems On the Rise

Vlocity is One of TechTarget's Industry-specific CRM Systems On the Rise

Several industry-specific CRM companies are working to make customer relationship management easier for vertical markets that have built-in intricacies that would be difficult for a horizontal CRM system to manage… READ MORE

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Intriguing New Product Vlocity Communications Retail

Vlocity Communications Retail is Network World's Intriguing New Product

Vlocity Communications Retail, built natively on the Salesforce Platform, equips Communications Service Providers with omnichannel apps needed to deliver a seamless customer experience across retail… READ MORE

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