inwi Launches ‘win’, a 100% Digital Brand Powered by Vlocity and Salesforce

inwi Launches win

inwi’s disruptive new service lets customers personalize their mobile experience.

In Morocco, inwi recently launched a disruptive new brand, entitled ‘win’, to deliver on these new consumer expectations with the market’s first 100% digital mobile experience, that’s empowered by Vlocity and Salesforce.

Increasingly, innovative mobile global service providers are courting a growing population of millennial and Gen Z consumers who expect fast, reliable mobile service supported by a fully  digital customer experience.  These customers want to easily and seamlessly use digital channels to serve their mobile subscription needs within their own terms, and on a channel that’s most convenient for them with complete digital transparency.

inwi’s ‘win’ customers can effectively self-care across their entire subscriber needs directly from the web or a smartphone device.   From configuring an offer, managing subscriptions, ordering a new SIM card and even receiving 24/7 support from a chatbot, customers are in control without reliance on a customer service agent or visit to a local store. The subscriber’s entire journey with ‘win’ is seamlessly delivered through digital omnichannel engagement, featuring a world-class customer service experience.   Inwi’s objective in launching ‘win’ was to deliver a telecom operator model that anticipates the evolution of customer needs for usage and consumption habits to become Morocco’s ‘Digital Life’ operator.

“Win is a new experience, a new way of doing things.  Today we offer all our customers the ability to become their own operator.  From the ‘win’ application installed on their smartphones or from the website, they can do anything by themselves, without any physical contact with the operator.”

– Safae Hamdani, Chief Digital Office, inwi

inwi win launch vlocity

Inwi recently held a press conference to launch ‘win’s’ go-live and product launch, where Salesforce and Vlocity were invited to present to an audience of more than 60 reporters covering the brand’s release.

inwi’s Transformation Delivers Simplicity, Flexibility and Intuitive Digital Experiences

At the heart of inwi’s digital transformation program was delivering unique, intuitive and simple experiences that today’s value-minded consumers expect.  To enable this transformation, inwi selected Vlocity to manage industry-specific transactions across account management, configure, price, quote and end-to-end order orchestration.  When a subscriber configures their package, selects a number, or subscribes to an offer, Vlocity manages the digital transactions in real-time.  Customers have complete visibility knowing the promotions and services they can benefit from including the price and offer duration.

inwi win launch vlocity

Vlocity & Salesforce Deliver 100% Digital BSS Domain

Together, Vlocity and Salesforce rapidly delivered an industry-specific digital BSS domain for ‘win’s’ end-to-end omnichannel commercial offering, including product and offer configurations, customer setup, order taking, order management, and complete subscriber lifecycle management.  Vlocity manages the telco commercial transactions across the entire customer subscription from taking the order through to delivery of the SIM card and activation of service.  Vlocity empowers the ‘win’ experience along three main categories:

Account Creation

Prepaid mobile plans including add-ons are modeled in Vlocity’s Enterprise Product Catalog with SIM card delivery, order orchestration and zero-touch services activation.  Network activation, inventory management, network usage mediation and ratings are also managed for end-to-end customer operations support.

Order Management

Complete order orchestration & fulfillment handling is delivered through Vlocity’s Order Management for new subscriptions and changes to existing subscriptions with integration to multiple fulfillment and legacy CRM systems.

Configure, Price, Quote

Accurate quotes and orders, including order structures are captured in Vlocity’s CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) with an API layer to a 3rd party mobile application.  New subscription orders in addition to change, suspend, resume, and terminate subscriptions were delivered to enable a 100% digital experience.

Salesforce Service Cloud delivers the digital customer service experience through text, chat, and social channels where customers and employees have access to complete subscriber profiles including current balances and interaction histories.

More than 100 interface points which manage inwi’s upstream and downstream systems were delivered using Vlocity’s integration procedures across service platforms, networks and digital platforms.  The project was delivered by Salesforce (as prime), Capgemini and Vlocity.

inwi win launch vlocity

With the launch of ‘win’,  inwi has created a new digital operating model that rapidly shortens the time-to-market through fast introduction of new promotions and offers, with the simplicity and flexibility that customers desire. Vlocity is thrilled to be a strategic innovation partner for inwi’s new 100% digital offer by automating the end-to-end lead to subscriber experience.

More information on win’s launch, including inwi’s objectives for the 100% digital experience, can be found here.