Beagle Research's Denis Pombriant and Vlocity's Rip Gerber Discuss the How and Why of Digital Transformation and Disruptive Change

Digital Disruption Pathways

Summary of Article by Denis Pombriant for E-Commerce Times

Denis Pombriant Talks Digital Disruption with Rip Gerber, Vlocity Chief Marketing & Alliance Officer

Digital Transformation Means a lot of Things to Different People, but if you do it Right it Should be Virtually Unique to Your Circumstance

The other day I caught up with Rip Gerber, CMO at Vlocity, the Salesforce partner that specializes in vertical industries like telecommunications and insurance, among others. Of digital disruption, Gerber told me, "Nobody changes anything without a strong business case," and he's right of course. Vlocity is a company focused on disruption.

It's the business case that drives the circumstance which, in turn, drives uniqueness. Despite all this uniqueness, however, at a technology level you can come up with three specific business scenarios in which business cases drive a technology pathway. Not surprisingly, it's the technology platform that determines the success of the transformation effort, and a platform that can roll forward into increasingly intricate parts of transformation is essential.

Nobody changes anything without a strong business case

– Rip Gerber, Chief Marketing & Alliance Office, Vlocity

There are a few platforms in the market that support this kind of agility -- from companies like Salesforce, Oracle and Microsoft -- and that's one big reason I see that the IT industry is reducing to an oligopoly. Companies not named Salesforce, Oracle and Microsoft are not in danger of going away, but they face strong business cases for alignment with these larger vendors.

Back to the three approaches. They are 1) transforming the engagement layer, 2) transforming business processes, and 3) greenfield development or renewal.

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