Digging Deeper Into Three UK's Transformation Program with Vlocity and Salesforce

Digging Into Three UK's Transformation

Summary of Article by James Crawshaw for Light Reading

Migrating to a Greenfield IT Stack in the Cloud with Vlocity & Salesforce

On the IT side, Three UK has a long-standing relationship with IBM and Tech Mahindra, which will continue to manage its IT operations. IBM Corp. (NYSE: IBM), Tech Mahindra Ltd. and Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. (TCS) are the systems integrators building the greenfield IT stack and will continue to operate and evolve the stack once data has been migrated. Three UK has selected several new suppliers for its new IT stack, including Matrixx Software Inc.Vlocity Inc.Salesforce.com Inc. and CSG International. The company is planning for the new IT systems to go live by mid-2019.

Three UK has taken industry standard packages -- billing system, order management and so on -- and plans to "bolt them together" using industry standard middleware such as Tibco. This contrasts with the spaghetti of legacy IT systems it has today (around 300 different applications in total) that are highly customized and expensive to maintain and change.