Vlocity's Chief Architect, J.J. Jakubik Offers Predictions on Big Data for 2017

Big Data Industry Predictions for 2017

insideBIGDATA asked J.J. Jakubik, Vlocity's Chief Architect for his prediction of what may be coming for Big Data in 2017.

by Daniel Gutierrez for insideBIGDATA

"Despite the hype and promise of big data and AI, few clear examples exist today where these technologies impact our lives on a daily basis. Serving relevant ads to website visitors and detecting fraud in credit card transactions come to mind.

These companies have invested in big data and machine learning for years, which has allowed them to develop solid data architectures. Companies that have lived with NoSQL databases for more than a year know that ignoring data model design and instead leaning too heavily on the flexible, schema-free capabilities of these databases leads to poorly performing applications, difficult maintainability, and ultimately rework.

In 2017, I predict the discipline of data modeling will gain strength as a sought-after skill set and project activity, particularly for companies dedicated to building impactful data strategies. Tools, such as well-designed industry clouds provide the professional data model design necessary for long-term success.”

J.J. Jakubik, Chief Architect, Vlocity

J.J. Jakubik

Chief Architect

J.J. Jakubik has over 25 years of enterprise software experience as a business application designer for companies including Siebel Systems, Oracle and Vlocity. His experience spans all aspects of customer relationship management across industries including communications, media, financial services, retail, consumer goods, automotive, life sciences, energy, utilities, technology and the public sector.

At Vlocity, Jakubik has design oversight of the data model, web APIs and system architecture across each of Vlocity’s industry solutions. He is passionate about designing software for usability and flexibility and brings that passion helping Vlocity deliver digital, omnichannel experiences.