Matt Goldspink, Lead Engineer at Vlocity, Shares His Appreciation for Salesforce Lightning: The “OTHER” JavaScript Framework

Benefits of Salesforce Lightning

There's another JavaScript framework that’s revolutionizing a platform for thousands of developers in a whole new way, and Vlocity is leading the way.

Matt Goldspink, a lead engineer in Vlocity’s UI Engineering team, focuses on developing elegant user interfaces with Salesforce’s Lightning Experience.

Naturally, Matt has a lot to say about Lightning from a technical development standpoint and he’s excited to share his views on how to leverage the powerful capabilities that support its amazing design and architecture.

Matt’s initial experience with Lightning was not a flawless one and he admits to harboring some slightly skewed assumptions and encountering a few misfires on the road to discovering how to take full advantage of the platform. These initial efforts and other cross-platform experience have allowed Matt to see things sympathetically from the perspective of someone who’s perhaps more familiar with Angular, React, Vue.js, etc. but wants to dive in and see what Lightning is all about.

Matt’s blog series “Learning How to Write Professional, Robust and Beautiful Lightning Components for Salesforce” is for JavaScript developers and anyone interested in exploring the Lightning Component Framework and optimizing their Salesforce performance with out-of-the-box components. Matt reminds us how Salesforce transformed CRM, pausing along the way to explain how Vlocity’s pre-built, cloud-based applications add industry-specific functionality and flow to Salesforce’s robust technology. He then dives deep into all things Lightning, providing plenty of easy-to-follow examples of how this new UI platform provides developers a variety of ways to build dynamic web apps for mobile and desktop devices.

In his first post, The “OTHER” JavaScript Framework, Matt provides a detailed introduction into Lightning, its core features (including the unfairly maligned Locker Service) and the specific problem of interactive components from unknown developers living and interacting on the same page without breaking each other and introducing security holes. Matt’s not shy in stating that the Lightning Component Framework is actually a very cool piece of (open source) technology that makes it easier for developers to build responsive applications for any device. It’s a modern framework for building single-page applications engineered for growth.

Please enjoy Matt's first installment and stay tuned for more posts on the benefits of Lightning for JS developers.


Matt Goldspink

Lead Engineer, Vlocity Engineering

Matt is a Lead Engineer in Vlocity’s UI Engineering team, focused on developing beautiful user interfaces using Salesforce’s Lightning technology. Prior to Vlocity, Matt was a software trainer, teaching software development at multiple Fortune 500 companies. He also worked at Causata (now part of NiCE) and Morgan Stanley, where he led the development of their mobile platform.