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Core Values

Vlocity’s core values are important to the company and to the individuals who work here. These are the seven core values that we live by.

We put our customers and partners first and make them wildly successful with our industry cloud and mobile apps. We have deep expertise in the industries we serve and ensure that our products and services delight our customers and transform their organizations.

Our success depends on building, empowering, and developing a highly talented, energetic, creative, and high performing team. We enjoy working together, collaborate openly and treat each other with fairness and respect. We have the highest standards in hiring and seek to attract, develop, and retain the most talented people who are also committed to our core values. We believe in maintaining a workforce that is diverse in experiences, backgrounds, and ideas on the firm belief that the true mastery of best-in-class solutions requires a rich variety of perspectives.

We innovate to drive our growth and continuously improve everything we do. We seek opportunities to disrupt the status quo and create advancements for our customers and partners. We take calculated risks and learn from our mistakes as well as our successes.

Speed matters for our customers and our company. This is why we call ourselves Vlocity. We play to win and to win we must be fast and first. We embrace change, make decisions swiftly based on the best facts and information available, and execute efficiently. By doing things right the first time, we can deliver results quickly and also deliver work of extremely high quality. Our agility enables us to continuously improve.

We are accountable to each other, our customers, and our partners. We honor our relationships and commitments. We communicate transparently with our employees and truly value their ideas and recommendations.

We invest in the communities where we work and live. We encourage and enable our people to have positive social impact. We seek opportunities to share technologies with the broad community of developers.

We are shareholders and invest our time and other resources in activities that will have the biggest impact on our customers and our company. We believe in “work hard/play hard” - we overachieve at the office while also maintaining healthy and productive personal lives.

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